Posted on Apr 21, 2021

Dr Angela S. Miller, MD - Concierge Medicine Las Vegas

Searching for an internal medicine doctor? Dr Angela S Miller can help.
There are currently three main types of internal medicine doctors namely internists, resident physicians, and specialist physicians. Internists can specialize as either internal medicine doctors or pediatrics doctors depending on their choice of specialty. Many internal medicine doctors also choose to become an internist in a hospital for two years and become a resident doctor in two years. Specialized training is required for internists and residents, and both require rigorous training and studying. It is very important that internal medicine doctors understand the special needs of adults and address them appropriately. Usually internal medicine doctors treat adult patients and do not have the same training and academic background that doctors specialized in child or adolescent health care have. This makes it difficult for them to handle sensitive adolescent and pediatric cases and have to learn about these unique situations. This is why it is always recommended that young patients are referred to a pediatrician or a similar specialist for assessment and treatment. Many of the problems that adolescents face such as psychological issues and nutrition concerns can be easily dealt with before they get out of school. The special needs of adult patients should therefore be addressed comprehensively by competent doctors.
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